26 August 2012

Watercolor Resist

Who knew?!  Rubber cement!  I saw this cool technique over at Sand and Sisal.  Called water color resist.  I love how they turned out.  Very easy and fun to do.


Just grab a stencil, rubber cement, water color paint and watercolor paper that is at least 90 lbs weight.

Place your stencil on the paper and apply a THICK coat of rubber cement over your stencil design.

Let the glue dry completely. I placed mine in the sun for about 5-8 minutes.

Now time for the fun part!  Paint.
Before I use the watercolor paint I like to brush on clear water over my paper.  Then I add my water downed color of choice.  The color then bleeds a bit since the paper was already wet.  The rubber cement acts as a shield and resists the watercolor paint.

Now Kim over at Sand and Sisal is really talented with her watercolors.  So check out what she did.  I kept it simple, I just wanted shades of blue.

Once again the paper has to dry completely.  I set mine in the sun for a 5-10 minutes.

Then use a clean finger and rub off the rubber cement!  You will be left with a white design.  If you  use paper that is thinner than 90 weight when you do this step your paper will rip and get holes.

Now for my obvious disclosure.  If the rubber cement is not thick enough, the watercolors will seep through a bit.  I'm not sure if it was the brand I used or I just need to really lay it on super thick.  I thought I had but obviously not since there are small areas of blue streaks. 

I actually like the imperfections.  Just wanted to share what happened to me.

Thanks for looking!

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