28 March 2013

Bunny Ear Treat Bags

I made these for K's class tomorrow.  I filled with some tasty chocolate treats and tied up with some ribbon. 

Easy Peasy Tutorial at Oh Happy Day.

I used light weight paper for the ear insides and also used smaller bags to keep the treats to a minimum since Sunday most kids will be getting overload!

21 March 2013

Felt Kite Hairpin

Oh my word how cute is this!  Love the little things I find over at Wild Olive.  Moment I saw this I knew I had to make one for K.  Looked so cute in her hair today!

Go here to get full instructions from Wild Olive.

In work to make 2 more for birthday parties this weekend!

17 March 2013

Frame a Mirror with Clips

I have been wanting to frame out our mirrors for a while now.  But couldn't think of a way around the mirror clips on top of our mirrors.

Finally it dawned on me to use crown moulding to hide the clips.  I am so happy I did this easy project.  It really adds a lot to the guest bath.

The boring before shot of the huge mirror:

I bought some 1x4 wood to frame out the mirror and another piece of 1 x 2 to create a small ledge.  I already had a spare piece of crown sitting around so I started cutting up my pieces.

Once the pieces were cut to size I started painting the back of the boards.  You have to paint at least an inch of the back portion of the wood due to the reflection in the mirror once installed.

I would also highly suggest painting all pieces before installing.  Because keep in mind that any small seeps of paint behind the boards will be reflected back. 

Now to get around the clip dilemma all I did was install my board right under the plastic clip.  I only lost about 1/2 inch of mirror space in doing this.  So no big deal for me.

I used this adhesive and blue tape to hold everything in place overnight.  (Ensure that the glue stays at least an inch away from the edge of the board so as not to seep out and be reflected back.)

Once everything was set up I then installed my crown moulding onto the top board, which hides the mirror clips.  I used my nail gun with 1 inch brads.  (Make sure you either use short enough nails so as not to shatter your mirror or install the crown to the top piece of wood before hanging.)

Here is a shot behind the crown moulding.  Easy way to hide those clips!

Here is a view of the small ledge I added on top of the 1 x 4 board.

I caulked and filled the nail holes on the crown moulding.   Then painted.  When I do the Master I will paint everything before hand.  Even being careful I had a few small seeps of paint behind the boards.  Not obvious to anyone but me, but I know they are there if you get super close to the mirror.

Such a huge difference.  Love it.  Now just have to replace that awful light fixture.

16 March 2013

Chore Board

I have been meaning to set up some sort of chore sheet.  I saw this board and knew I wanted to incorporate the rocks/glass jar into my board.

Since I love the picket fence I had made earlier I created another one but a smaller  size.  I made a little pendant banner and added the glass jar with metal clamp. 

I typed out what chores need to be done and added it to the fence with a spot of tape.  I wanted to be able to swap out the paper with ease when we add differant chores thru the years.

If all chores are done by the end of the day a rock gets put into the glass jar.  If chores are not done, a rock is taken out of the glass jar.  Once the jar is full, K gets to go out for a special treat.

So far so good! She loves the interactive part and runs up to read the lsit to make sure she has done what needs to be done.

14 March 2013

Sheet Moss Monogram

I just made this for a departing co-worker.  It is for her front porch or front door for Spring time!

I made the same pallet as I did for the Mini Pallet Bunny Art. 

No need to reinvent the wheel ...the instructions can be found here. I use lattice wood though to have a nice level front.

02 March 2013

Mini Pallet Bunny Art

This was just what I needed to finish off my Easter table.  This little bunny has really made the rounds on pinterest.  I changed it just a hare....... (smile).   The original is found  here.

I bought 2 lengths of pine lattice at Home Depot.  Size: 1/4 inch thick  x 1.5 inch wide.

I cut into lengths of 13 inches and using Gorilla wood glue I applied to the wood edges and used blue tape to hold until dry.  I sanded any rough spots.

Once it had set up a bit I turned over the mini pallet and added 2 brace supports using the glue as well.  I let it dry over night.

I cut out a large bunny using my Cameo and using Krylon Easy-Tack repositionable adhesive 7020,  I sprayed the adhesive to the back of my paper template.  Let sit for 60 seconds then applied to my wood, pressing down firmly.

I used Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze spray paint and covered the front of the mini pallet.  Then immediately but carefully removed paper template.

Let dry and enjoy.
It is hard to capture the true color of this paint, but it reminds me of a Tiffany box.  I think I just might add a little paper bunting up on the corner....

This is linked up with Skip To My Lou, Made by you Mondays.