19 December 2013

Oreo Elf Shoes

Made some of these cute elf shoes, using red Oreos as the "tights".  They come together real quick.  Hardest part is finding the red Oreos!

I found the template here.  I decided to use pom-poms instead of bells for time sake.

Merry Christmas!

17 November 2013

Kiss Christmas Tree

Such an ingenious craft!  I am so glad I stumbled across this.  Perfect small gift to pass out this Christmas!  Kisses and Nugget bars.

Here is the great tutorial for this chocolate tree craft.  Click here.



Very easy to assembly line these.  I whipped up a lot this weekend.  Some people are just so amazing in their imagination and putting it out there for all to try!  Thanks Brenda Q.

16 November 2013

Felt Mayflower Boat

I saw these Mayflower boats in the Pottery Barn catalog about 3 years ago.  I knew right away I wanted these on my Fall decoration table and for the table on Thanksgiving day.

The pictures are really bad since we haven't seen the sun in days.

I made my own pattern and used wool felt to whip these up.  You can sew these different ways to save time as well.  Blanket stitch the sides or use your sewing machine.  The bottom has to be whipped stitch but it's quick and easy.

I bought some wooden spools and dowels at Hobby Lobby.  I stuffed a tiny bit of cotton into the spool before inserting the dowel for a nice snug fit.  Then painted it brown.

I fill the base of the boats with whole coffee beans.  I never drink coffee but I just love the smell of coffee beans!  Makes the kitchen smell so good.  The beans add weight and also hold up the sail.  You could  save a lot of money and just buy a bag of black beans also.

I have a couple sails made of vellum paper and the other 2 out of shimmer/pearl paper.

I included this years menu on one of the larger boats to set by the buffet table.

The large boat base is about 8 inches long and 5 inches high in the rear.  The large sail is 8 inches long by 6 inches wide. 

Here is the pattern for the large boat.

Cut out the pieces and sew up the sides first (whip, blanket stitch or sewing machine), then whip stitch the bottom piece into place.

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

05 October 2013

Franken Pop Covers

I originally saw these sucker covers from a blog.  It was a die to use in the Big Shot.  I decided to try and make my own template.  The basic design can be used over and over again for school functions and parties.

I cut out strips of green cardstock to be 6 1/4 inches long by 2 inches wide.

Score at: 1/2", 3", and 4".

Punch a hole centered on the 1/2" score line.  This is for the sucker stick.

I then cut out black pieces of cardstock to 2" x 1".  Then just cut out random jags of hair.

Using left over scraps of black cardstock cut out small triangles for the "bolts" on Frankensteins.

Using glue dots I put on 2 wiggle eyes.

Insert one Tootsie Pop and add a glue dot to the back flap to secure wrapper closed.

Click here to see the original Frankenstein and purchase the sucker wrapper die.
I put mine together different than the tutorial, just so you know and don't get confused.
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04 October 2013

Disney Cruise Props

Had another successful Disney Cruise.  This year they added  Halloween activities and a costume party.  So at the last second I whipped up these wool felt Chip & Dale masks for the girls to wear during the Halloween party.

Chip and Dale LOVED seeing the girls in their masks!  They kept pointing to how everything was the same. 

I altered this pattern, found here

I also brought on board 2 white pillow cases that I ironed on a Disney Character patch.  It's so cool that all the Disney Princesses and Characters signed the pillow cases.  It was a nice surprise on our last night of cruising to come find these laying on our bed!

I made some treat boxes with a chocolate inside in order to thank them properly.  I slipped the treat boxes, pillow case and a pink sharpie into a Ziploc bag and the second we boarded gave it to guest services.  I will do one every time we go now.  Might do a photo mat next time.

For our Pirate Night I made the girls matching Mickey pirate hats.  I had bought some gold earrings and an eye patch as well.  Disney supplies each person with a  pirate bandanna, so they were all set for Pirate Night!

I found the pirate hat pattern here.  I enlarged it in order to fit an 8 yr old head.

Everything turned out great.   Between the treats for being prior Disney cruisers and my surprises I made, the girls were so excited to see what was waiting on our bed everyday!

12 August 2013

Corner Page Bookmark

Since I still need to be sitting and resting I whipped these up for K's classroom.  They were a hit.  Easy to assembly line them.  I found the template here.


01 July 2013

Felt Garden Toy

Here is a little quiet time felt garden I made.  I think this would make a great gift for a baby shower or 1st birthday.

I used wool felt except for 2 areas.  I really wanted it to be able to hold up from a child's usage.

Here are the sizes I cut:

Blue felt was 9 x 9 inches. 
Brown felt was 9 x 5 1/2 inches.
Sun 1 1/4 inches
Clouds can be purchased from here.  (This was die cut.)

Try not to laugh too hard at my crude pattern. I just free handed some designs until I liked them. Drew them onto freezer paper and ironed onto my piece of wool felt and cut out.

You need to cut 2 pieces for each vegetable and only 1 for the top of the veggie.

I used french knots for the sun's eyes and stem stitch for the rays.

I sandwiched a veggie top in between 2 veggies pieces and sewed together.

Once everything was sewed on to the proper spot I cut another larger piece of tan wool felt to use as a backing to hide all stitches and to give more reinforcement.

Just in case there is any question as to the veggies I picked: celery, carrot, beets.


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22 June 2013

Crinkle Crinkle Little Starfish

And yet another baby stash gift!  I stumbled across these super cute baby starfish that crinkle!  I found the pattern over at American Felt and Craft Blog.  I enlarged the pattern a little.  I also purchased the crinkle material from them as well.  I have seen people use other household items in order to make toys crinkle, but this stuff can go in the dryer and is super crinkly!

I traced my pattern onto freezer paper and ironed onto my wool felt.

I then did a bunch of random french knots over the front of the starfish.  I usually wrapped the knot 3-4 times to get some good bumps on the surface.  Then embroidered some eyes and a mouth.

I cut a piece of crinkle material little larger than my starfish.  This is where I deviated from the original tutorial. 

I sandwiched the crinkle material in between the 2 felt pieces and pinned. I sewed around the starfish and used fabric scissors to trim my seam.

Keep all the crinkle material scraps. Can use to stuff another baby toy project.

Click here to get the starfish pattern.

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30 May 2013

Paper Flowers

My new mini-obsession.  Making paper flowers.  I found some great pearly white paper at Hobby Lobby and I just love how they turned out!


I just gave this to a friend and gave her 3 flowers in a blue Bell jar filled with rice.  Off to make more!  I need more practice Lia Griffith is so talented with her paper flowers.

I used the wonderful tutorial found here.  Check out her paper feathers too!