16 November 2013

Felt Mayflower Boat

I saw these Mayflower boats in the Pottery Barn catalog about 3 years ago.  I knew right away I wanted these on my Fall decoration table and for the table on Thanksgiving day.

The pictures are really bad since we haven't seen the sun in days.

I made my own pattern and used wool felt to whip these up.  You can sew these different ways to save time as well.  Blanket stitch the sides or use your sewing machine.  The bottom has to be whipped stitch but it's quick and easy.

I bought some wooden spools and dowels at Hobby Lobby.  I stuffed a tiny bit of cotton into the spool before inserting the dowel for a nice snug fit.  Then painted it brown.

I fill the base of the boats with whole coffee beans.  I never drink coffee but I just love the smell of coffee beans!  Makes the kitchen smell so good.  The beans add weight and also hold up the sail.  You could  save a lot of money and just buy a bag of black beans also.

I have a couple sails made of vellum paper and the other 2 out of shimmer/pearl paper.

I included this years menu on one of the larger boats to set by the buffet table.

The large boat base is about 8 inches long and 5 inches high in the rear.  The large sail is 8 inches long by 6 inches wide. 

Here is the pattern for the large boat.

Cut out the pieces and sew up the sides first (whip, blanket stitch or sewing machine), then whip stitch the bottom piece into place.

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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