10 November 2017

Diagonal Flip Lid Box

Perfect mini sized box!  1.5 inches all around.  Perfectly holds one Ferrero Rocher or other small treat.  I love the diagonal cut opening when you flip it open.  

Great tutorial found here.

31 October 2017

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Holder

One of my favorite "fancy" chocolates to indulge on! Individual holders whip up nice and easy.

Will do again for Thanksgiving dinner place settings as well.

Happy Halloween!

24 July 2017

Mountain Wall Art

Loving this new addition I just finished today!
Ended up being 4' x 2'.  

Cactus Embroidery

Trying my hand at the new modern embroidery options out there.

Tried this design idea from LSMembroidery

Whale Paper Quill

Saw a version of this out on the web, so wanted to try one for my house.

12 July 2017

Mini Embroidery Mermaid Tail Necklace

Wanted to try my hand at making a mini!  Some great ideas out there.

My little mermaid will love this one I thought up. 

I sketched a mermaid tail with pencil onto my fabric.  Ensuring it would fit inside the 1.5" mini hoop.  Then placed drawing in a hoop.  I used 3 threads but a combo of colors to get some variety within the mermaid tail.

I found these small hoops at Hobby Lobby.  (They do not come with backs)
Easy search online and you can buy them on Etsy from sellers in Australia or U.S.

I bought a small bag of wooden discs from H.L. and hot glued the back onto the back of the mini hoop to hide my stitches and to finish it off more.

I used this video as a guide.  

Added a chain and if you to need to, a jump ring.
Wondering what else I can miniaturize!
Great way to also highlight a pretty piece of fabric.
Easily converted in a broach as well.

26 June 2017

Wedding Card Box

Great use of the IKEA Socker Greenhouse.  Made into a card holder for the wedding reception.

Used matte white vinyl for the words.  Just lift up either greenhouse flap/door and drop in your card.  Put rose petals in the bottom for added interest.  Would look great with names and date of wedding also.  (Which I added after photos)

Would be pretty with a battery pack of fairy lights under the rose petals!