12 July 2017

Mini Embroidery Mermaid Tail Necklace

Wanted to try my hand at making a mini!  Some great ideas out there.

My little mermaid will love this one I thought up. 

I sketched a mermaid tail with pencil onto my fabric.  Ensuring it would fit inside the 1.5" mini hoop.  Then placed drawing in a hoop.  I used 3 threads but a combo of colors to get some variety within the mermaid tail.

I found these small hoops at Hobby Lobby.  (They do not come with backs)
Easy search online and you can buy them on Etsy from sellers in Australia or U.S.

I bought a small bag of wooden discs from H.L. and hot glued the back onto the back of the mini hoop to hide my stitches and to finish it off more.

I used this video as a guide.  

Added a chain and if you to need to, a jump ring.
Wondering what else I can miniaturize!
Great way to also highlight a pretty piece of fabric.
Easily converted in a broach as well.

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