11 March 2012

Coat Closet to Mini Mudroom

I have always wanted a mudroom.  So decided to use the entry closet to make one.  It might be a mini mudroom but I love it and we use it!

We have a very small foyer and I wanted a place to sit and put on shoes or hang a coat. Here is a before picture of our entry closet.

I removed the door and hardware/hinges and wire shelf.  I then installed beadboard.  I bought the 8 foot length boards and cut to the height I wanted.  When we decide to sell the house I wanted to be able to convert back to a closet if necessary, so I made a 2x4 frame for the bench that does not attach to the beadboard walls.  I also added a 2x4 rib to the seat frame.

I know the trend right now is to build a platform under the bench, but for our needs I decided to forgo the platform and eke out every spare inch I could. 

I screwed down some left over plywood for the bench seat, which  touches the 3 walls and butts against the door jam so my frame does not move.  I bought a 3 inch thick piece of foam.  Using an electric carving knife I trimmed it down to size.  I also added lattice strips to cover up the holes left from removing the door hinges and hardware.  I owe that trick to Sarah from Thirfty Decor Chick and you can read about it here.

Using 4 inch wide mdf boards I was able to install 2 shelves that are 12 inches deep.  This closet only had studs in the corners so had to angle in the screws on the corner.  I have caulked and filled nail holes and done 2 coats of primer. 

Here is the finished project.

I bought some collapsible baskets from Martha Stewart Line at home Depot to put under the bench to hold shoes. The closet is deep enough for 4 baskets.

 I put 3 more of the baskets on one of the top shelves.  I used the same paint from the formal dining room behind the baskets and it picks up colors from the bench seat fabric.

The foam seat only takes 1.5 yds of fabric, so I can swap out the fabric frequently if I get tired of it.
Bought the 2 pillows from Costco.

 I am very happy with the finished project.  The space gets used and it very comfortable to sit.  Plus its nice on the eyes just to walk by. It might be small but it still does a lot while looking  more fresh and airy.

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