30 May 2013

Paper Flowers

My new mini-obsession.  Making paper flowers.  I found some great pearly white paper at Hobby Lobby and I just love how they turned out!


I just gave this to a friend and gave her 3 flowers in a blue Bell jar filled with rice.  Off to make more!  I need more practice Lia Griffith is so talented with her paper flowers.

I used the wonderful tutorial found here.  Check out her paper feathers too!

24 May 2013

Memorial Day

All gave some.  Some gave all.
Please take a moment to reflect upon what this weekend truly means.
God bless to all my brothers and sisters in arms.

20 May 2013

Over Hauling Back Deck

Trying to spruce up the back deck.  First thing I did last week was to remove the hideous railings the prior owner had installed.  Wish I would of taken a picture.  But they are now happily on their way to the local dump. 

We really like how much it opens up the yard now, plus you get onto the deck at any spot now.

I added a bamboo reed screen for the top of the pergola to give a little diffused sun protection.

Today I made these canvas drop cloth curtains.  I got inspiration here.  I purchased 2 - 6 x 9 foot canvas drop cloths and a grommet kit from Lowes.  Attached curtain to the pergola using small "c" hooks spaced every 7 inches.  Used some clothes line to tie back.

I love that the drop cloths cost only $11.00 apiece.  So I don't even care if I have to make more next summer.  You can never get that kind of deal for so much fabric!  Score.

Next step in the process is to pressure wash and we are going to try out a new deck sealer paint.
Few other things planned for this area, so hopefully can knock it all out soon!

Liking it so far, but I just need those darn mosquitoes to leave me alone!

18 May 2013

Owl Miss You Treats

Made these for K's last day of school.  Pretty easy project to assembly line.

Used my Big Shot with a Nestabilities die.  Score in half and fold.

Punch out card stock for eyes.  Cut a orange triangle for the owl nose.   Glue together.



I'll have her sign the back and will pass out this coming week.  Can't believe the school year has only 4 days left!

09 May 2013

Pee Tee-Pee

Finally I have a baby boy stash item!  I just had to laugh when I heard about these.  Called a pee tee pee.  Used for when changing those baby boys!  They sell for a ridiculous cost, so I whipped up some for nothing. 

Super easy and fast to sew these up.  Only need small scraps of fabric as well.

I used flannel for the inside of the cone and cotton fabric for the outside of the cone. 

First cut out a 7" circle out of paper or cardstock.

Fold the circle in half and then cut down the middle.  Using this half circle as your pattern piece, cut out 2 half circles from your chosen fabric.

Pin right sides together.

Starting at about the half way point on the straight side, start sewing with a 1/4" seam allowance.  Continue sewing around this half circle, ensuring that you leave about 1 1/2" opening for turning the fabric out. 

Turn right side out and press with hot iron.  Using a tool to ensure corners are pushed out.

Fold half circle in half. 

Sew along the straight edge as close to the edge as possible.

Turn inside out and push out point of cone.

Give as baby shower gifts and protect someone!  These literally just take a few minutes each.