04 October 2013

Disney Cruise Props

Had another successful Disney Cruise.  This year they added  Halloween activities and a costume party.  So at the last second I whipped up these wool felt Chip & Dale masks for the girls to wear during the Halloween party.

Chip and Dale LOVED seeing the girls in their masks!  They kept pointing to how everything was the same. 

I altered this pattern, found here

I also brought on board 2 white pillow cases that I ironed on a Disney Character patch.  It's so cool that all the Disney Princesses and Characters signed the pillow cases.  It was a nice surprise on our last night of cruising to come find these laying on our bed!

I made some treat boxes with a chocolate inside in order to thank them properly.  I slipped the treat boxes, pillow case and a pink sharpie into a Ziploc bag and the second we boarded gave it to guest services.  I will do one every time we go now.  Might do a photo mat next time.

For our Pirate Night I made the girls matching Mickey pirate hats.  I had bought some gold earrings and an eye patch as well.  Disney supplies each person with a  pirate bandanna, so they were all set for Pirate Night!

I found the pirate hat pattern here.  I enlarged it in order to fit an 8 yr old head.

Everything turned out great.   Between the treats for being prior Disney cruisers and my surprises I made, the girls were so excited to see what was waiting on our bed everyday!

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