16 March 2013

Chore Board

I have been meaning to set up some sort of chore sheet.  I saw this board and knew I wanted to incorporate the rocks/glass jar into my board.

Since I love the picket fence I had made earlier I created another one but a smaller  size.  I made a little pendant banner and added the glass jar with metal clamp. 

I typed out what chores need to be done and added it to the fence with a spot of tape.  I wanted to be able to swap out the paper with ease when we add differant chores thru the years.

If all chores are done by the end of the day a rock gets put into the glass jar.  If chores are not done, a rock is taken out of the glass jar.  Once the jar is full, K gets to go out for a special treat.

So far so good! She loves the interactive part and runs up to read the lsit to make sure she has done what needs to be done.

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