16 April 2012

Picket Fence - C.A.S.E.

The second I saw this project over at Oopsey Daisey, I knew I had to CASE this!  

I had alot of mdf boards laying around so I used those for my pickets (1 1/2 inches wide).  I cut the pickets to 13 inches (need 11 total). Then I made a paper template of how I wanted the point of each picket and traced those onto the 11 pickets and cut.

The base of the fence is also mdf, 18 3/4 inches long, 3 1/2 inches wide and 3/4 inch thick.  You also need 2 pieces of lattice wood 17 inches in length.

Once I had all the wood cut, I used Gorilla wood glue and glued the side of each picket together, making sure the bottom of each picket was even with the previous picket.  Once I glued 11 pickets together I used blue painters tape to really hold it together. Then I glued on the 2 pieces of lattice wood and taped them down.   
I let it dry over night and glued the pickets to the base board.

I then spray painted it brown (haphazardly) and let dry.  Then I used Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze (Hobby Lobby) to cover up the entire fence, front and back.

Once dried I lightly took sand paper to a few parts so the brown would show through a bit.

I cut out an initial with my Cameo and lightly used a pencil to trace the outline of the letter, then hand painted the letter with white paint.

The bunting is made from some fabric attached to seam binding tape.

I liked it so much I made one for a friend as well!  For the second one, I left the mdf pickets white before painting with the Blue Ocean Breeze.

Click here for the inspiration & tutorial from Oopsey Daisy.

Thank you for looking!

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