23 April 2012

Driftwood Sailboat

I have had a piece of drift wood since last summer and couldn't think of what to do with it.  It was more like driftwood tree.  It was a good 5 feet long and huge!  So I thought making a sail boat out of sawed off pieces would be something nice for the house.

I cut some lengths of the wood and drilled a hole in the middle to insert a dowel.  I put in a small drop of Gorilla wood glue and inserted a wood dowel.

I then made a pattern of how I wanted the sails to look out of paper.  Once satisfied with the paper template I cut out the sails from left over fabric.  I turned over the raw edges and sewed all 3 sides of the sails. 

I wanted my sails to have some movement  so I decided against using small eyelets that I have seen alot of in order to tie down the sails.  Instead I inserted jewelry wire (18 gauge) into each side of the sail.

For the pendant at the top of the sails I used 32 gauge wire.

Since I wanted a flowing shape with the sails I also just decided to tact down only the top and bottom of each sail with my hot glue gun in order to attach to the wooden dowel.  I also hot glued the pendant sail at the very top.

I like that I can bend the sails around how I want them.  I like how this piece of wood has special meaning to us since we go to this beach alot in the summer and I was able to make a craft from the place we love to visit.

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