25 April 2012

Magnetic Memo Board

Super easy idea for a magnetic memo board.

I bought a couple cookie sheets from Wal Mart (.97 cents ea) and then spray painted them.  I attached the 3M frame hangers to the back so it does not damage my wall and I can always reposition them. The pink one is obviously for  K and since I'm on some sort of Aqua kick right now I made one for me.  I think I'm going to put mine in a small easel  and place on top of my craft desk.

I had some large and small  glass stones so I grabbed some paper I liked and punched out the circles.  I then mod podged a thin layer on the back side of the glass and attached the paper.  Once that was dry I used my hot glue gun and attached a magnet.

Super easy and inexpensive way to get a memo board.  I also like I can swap out the magnets with other papers whenever I feel the need for a change.

Have a great day!

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