12 August 2012

Needle Threader

Oh my gosh how cute is this idea?!  Prefect gift to give a sewer or just have next to your sewing stash!

I saw this idea over at Wild Olive and thought they would be so cute to whip up.

Cut out wool felt in any color to measure 1 x 3 inches.

Cut out tan wool felt to measure 1 1/4inches x 3/16 inches.

I used 32 gauge wire and a 1/16 inch hole punch.

Fold felt strip in half and finger crease.  Open up and punch 2 holes on the crease.

Grab a needle and black embroidery thread to make 2 eyes and a smile.  (I used 3 strands.)  I did french knots for the eyes, wrapping around the needle twice.

Next grab whatever color embroidery thread you want to for the thread lines.  You can do matchy-matchy or pick something totally different!

Cut a piece of 32 gauge wire to about 5 inches in length.  Push both ends through the 2 holes on top of your felt strip.  I left about 1 inch to 1 1/4 inch loop sticking up.

Flip over your felt and twist your pieces of wire together to prevent from coming apart.  Then bunch up any extra wire.

With wrong side facing up I used my hot glue gun to apply a small amount of glue on half of the  felt piece.  Fold over and press down to secure closed.

You can use fabric glue if you want.

Next glue on the 2 tan pieces of felt to create your spool.  Allow the glue to dry by placing a heavy object on the felt, if using fabric glue.

To use the needle threader:  Bend top of wire to push through the needle opening.  Slip in your thread and pull back on the threader and your needle is now threaded!

I honestly do not use needle threaders but I think I might have to start cause I just think these are too darn cute! 

Of course you can never just make one of a craft... as long as you already have your supplies out might as well whip up a few!

Thanks to Wild Olive for such a cute craft.

Will be linked up to Made by You Mondays over at Skip To My Lou.

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  1. You've made a whole bunch! Lovely! I'm pinning this to my Pinterest board of things made with my tutorials. I hope that's okay!