03 September 2012

Board & Batten Wall

FINALLY.  Done.  This project had so many starts and stalls I can't even find a true "before" photo!
So glad to finally be done with this one wall.

I LOVE board and batten, but it sure is time consuming when finishing up the entire project.  Seems like it takes forever the fill in a ton of nail holes, sand, caulk and paint every nook and cranny.  This sucker has at least 3-4 coats of satin white paint.

Originally I put up the boards around the entire room.  I had used smaller boards because I had seen it done here and I really liked the overall look.  So I nailed up the boards and lived with it for awhile. 

1st design:

Did not love it at all for the entire room.

Down came the boards, out came the primer and I started from scratch again.

Finally I decided to just do a feature wall of board and batten.

I used a pencil and drew the placement of the boards onto the wall to see if I would like the new design better.

I really like how it's now just featured on one wall and it makes a huge impact when entering the room. 

I decided to change the paint color as well. Now I just have to finish sanding up the other 3 walls and I can paint them and be done with the room!

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