28 July 2012

Embroidery Art

I love making keep sake art using embroidery.  I have done a few projects using different drawings from my daughter.

Finished design

I just made this as a surprise for a co worker.  I photo copied and slightly enlarged her child's art work in order to make her a one of a kind gift!

paper and pen design
I place the drawing on my light box with tape.  I cut a piece of muslin to size and tape that to the light box as well.  Then I lightly trace the design with a pencil.

The photo below is just for reference on how easy it is to see through the muslin in order to trace your design onto it.

I place the muslin in an embroidery hoop and using 2 strands of black embroidery thread I just start going over my lines with a back stitch.

I have previously done my daughters "happy faces" to give out as Christmas gifts.  I used the stem stitch and back stitch on this one.

I really liked doing her hand print to give as a gift that will last forever in a nice frame.  Here is one I did of my niece's hand to give to my sister as a gift.  I love the stem stitch for hand prints.

This is such an easy craft to whip up and with all the fancy type stitches out there you can really make them special.  I have placed this into a 8 x 10 frame and I can't wait to see her reaction on Monday!

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