25 June 2012

Wood Plank Surf Board

I found a challenge last week where they had to use a pallet or barn wood to create something.  I LOVED what Kim from Sand and Sisal had created.  A rustic surf board for her son's room.

Since the beach has become such a big part of our daughters life I knew she would like one.

I just needed to make it more weathered looking than rustic to more blend in for her room.

Went to Lowe's and purchased 3 boards: 1x6x4; 2 pieces of lattice.

Originally I wanted it to look old school so I stained the two outboard pieces.  I really liked the look, but decided it still wouldn't be right for my daughters room.  I will definitely do the stain thing again if I make this to give as a gift for a boy's room!

Using Gorilla Wood Glue I glued the 3 boards together.  Using my nail gun I also added 2 pieces of lattice to the back for a nice tight fit with the boards.

I cut a piece of wrapping paper just shy of my length and width of the boards.  I folded the paper in half and free handed a surf board shape and then cut out.

I traced it onto the top of my boards and using a jigsaw cut it out and then thoroughly sanded all the edges.

I painted the whole thing white and let dry.

Next I laid out a boarder using blue paint tape and painted a 1.5 inch pink stripe around the surfboard.  Since I was going for a weathered look, it is lightly applied and a little streaky.

Next I used my Silhouette Cameo and cut out a turtle stencil and painted on some sea turtles.

Last I used my jigsaw to cut out a fin for back of the surfboard.  Attached using wood glue and some painters tape to hold in place until dry.  It needed something so I added a turquoise stripe down the fin.  Once dry I used sandpaper to take off some of the paint.

I'm going to hang it using picture wire and screws on her bedroom wall.

I think these would make some great boy gifts and so much you could do to personalize them!

Hooking up with Skip to my Lou for Made by you Monday.

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