05 April 2014

Wood Stacker Toy

Just finished this baby shower gift.  I finished one with custom colored water based stain and another with soy paint.  I like that it's an fun & educational toy and can be used for years to come.  Many ways to finish off the blocks, so going to try soy paint for the next set.  I even like the plain natural look as well.


wood - 1" x 8" x 36"
paddle drill bit - 7/8" and 1 inch
dowel rod -  7/8" x 6 inches
stain or paint
sand paper

Cut blocks into the following sizes: 6", 5.5", 5", 4.5", 4", 3.5 and 3".

Once squares are cut use a ruler and pencil to draw a line from upper left corner to bottom right corner.  Rotate square 90 degrees and repeat.  You will now have a "X" on your block which is the exact center spot for you to drill your 1" holes.

Using 1-inch paddle drill bit, drill holes in all BUT the 6" block. 

The 6-inch block will be drilled with the 7/8" drill bit.  Do NOT drill all the way thru wood block.

Sand all pieces, center holes and round all edges.  The wood is satin smooth once I finished with all the sanding. 

I left the dowel natural and rubbed on  bee's wax.   I painted the blocks with a water based stain. 

Once everything was dry I used wood glue to insert the dowel into the 6-inch block and let dry 24 hours.

There is a great tutorial with many photos available here.  They even have a flower shape stacker.


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