22 March 2014

New Grout

Big job, but finally done with both bathrooms.  This product I found  is a game changer!  These "before" shots are actually of clean grout lines, but since the grout was old it had just become permanently stained.  I hated the way it looked.  Of course I would never purposely install 8 inch white square tile, but gotta work with what you got.

The grout had become light yellow in color.  Yucky.

I went to Home Depot and picked up a bottle of this stuff.  Grout Renew in Bright White.  I used a stiff, square tip 1/4-inch paint brush and went to work.  The bottle suggests a tooth brush but I wanted as little  mess as possible.  I also had a roll of toilet paper near by.  I used one square of toilet paper for each section I was cleaning up.  A paper towel would be too hefty, the TP was just right.  Once I applied it in the grout lines I then wiped along each side of the tile.  It dries fast so work in small areas. 

The "afters" are great!  Looks like brand new tile installation!


It has to dry for 24 hours and can't get wet for 72 hours.  The guest bath was done quickly, but had to do the Master in 3 separate stages, due to the shower and toilet closet.  I still wanted to be able to use portions of the master bath while I was doing this job.

It's a little back breaking to be hunched over for so long, but I just love the clean look.

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