20 April 2013

Baby Shower Gifts

We have a Silent Action this Friday during the Annual Spring Fling.  Our classroom basket theme is "New Baby" so I whipped up some of my favorite items to put in our class basket.

I have made this baby card dozens of times.  It is my favorite card to give.  I love that it is interactive.  You pull the rope attached to the elephant pull toy and out pops a card!

Here is the tutorial for the card.  Here is the link for the clear stamp elephant.

I added fabric to some basic burp cloths to give them a nice custom look.  The strips of fabric are only about 4 inches wide and sewn down the middle of the burp cloth.

There is a million tutorials out there for burp cloths so the world does not need another one from me!

Made another fabric baby ball also.  The tutorial for that can be found here.

And to finish off my contributions to the auction basket I added two pairs of wool felt baby shoes.

That tutorial can be found here or on my side bar.

Hopefully people like our basket and appreaciate homemade items!

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