30 December 2012

Wooden Puzzle Blocks

My last Christmas project finally done.  It was easy to put together and has already provided a ton of fun for K!  Six different puzzles from one package of blocks.

Items needed:
Pkg of 1-inch wood blocks from Hobby Lobby. 
Mod Podge Matte finish
sponge brush
paper cutter
book of choice

I purchased a Golden Book of The Night Before Christmas and picked out the 6 pages I wanted to use for each side of the blocks. 

I cut the picture down to a 4-inch square and then cut into 4 rows of 1-inch wide.

I laid out 3 blocks on the top of my 1" x 4" strip of paper and using a pencil made lines where each block was and cut on the lines in order to get four 1-inch squares.

Using my sponge brush I applied mod podge to a block and pressed a square onto the block surface.

I worked left to right and then started a new row until reaching the fourth row.

I let glue dry for a few minutes then used my zacto blade to trim any excess paper off my block so no edges stuck out past the wooden block.

Apply a top coat of glue to surface of block and once dry keep applying new pictures onto the blank areas of your blocks.

I always rotated my blocks in the same direction when getting ready to apply a new scene on the blocks.  Of course you don't have to this, I just wanted my blocks to be orientated the same all way around.

I liked how it turned out and think it will be a nice holiday edition to bring out each Christmas, especially since this was the book I remember as a child.

I have also started a large block puzzle of one of my favorite childhood books that I found in color.  I am using 2-inch blocks for this next project.  I bought these blocks from Hobby Lobby also.

Happy New Year!

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