12 December 2012

Ornament Ice Skater

I loved this ornament the moment I saw it over at Creative Breathing

Such a cute addition for our tree. 

I was having a hard time printing out her pattern so I pretty much free handed my items.

Easy to put together:
6 inch white pipe cleaner, plus extra for ear muffs
Silver pipe cleaner
Wooden bead 3/4 inch
White thread for hanging and boot laces
Red wool felt
2 pom-poms
Hot glue gun

After bending the pipe cleaner in half, add a hanging string.  Bend some small feet.  Feed thread and pipe cleaner through bead hole.  Paint the face & hair onto the wooden bead.

I used a 3 1/2 inch circle template to cut out a felt circle.  Then using my pinking shears I trimmed it down a little more.  Then cut out a small pie wedge in order to wrap around your pipe cleaner body.

I drew the skate boots, gloves and arms onto freezer paper and ironed onto my felt.  I cut out the scarves to be 1/2 inch wide by about 5 inches long. 

I hot glued the dress tightly around the pipe cleaner, just under the wooden bead.

Then added a drop of hot glue to attach gloves to the arms.  Then attached to top of dress.

Wrapped the scarf around the neck and hot glued into place.  I then trimmed off excess and cut fringes onto end of scarf.

Formed almost a semi circle with pipe cleaner onto the top of head and cut to proper length.  Leaving space to add the pom poms under neath the pipe cleaner.  Hot glue the pipe cleaner onto top of head.

Before hot gluing the pom poms to the head trim off a small section in order to have a flat surface to glue.

Glue on boots and thread the string to mimic boot laces and tie into a bow.

Cut a small piece of silver pipe cleaner and glue to bottom of boot.

I like how her back leg is kicked up like she is skating!

I will trim the width of the neck scarf for my next one and shorten her arms a wee bit.  Poor thing is looking like Stretch Armstrong right now.   But over all I think she turned out okay and looks nice on the Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas!

UPDATE:  Yes,  much nicer with the shorter arms!

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