10 February 2013

Beefed Up Baseboards

Since we have 10 foot ceilings downstairs I wanted to beef up the baseboards, but do it the faux way.  I was not about to rip up and replace all the regular baseboards!  Started with the kitchen/dining area first. 
Here is the after:

I love the finished look and it was a very inexpensive project.
I purchased my screen moulding from Lowes.  My pieces were 3/4" x 8' at only $2.38 apiece!

Before shot:

I used a scrap piece of wood as my spacer and set that on top of my original baseboard and set my new trim piece on top of that and using my nail gun quickly nailed to the wall and just kept sliding down my spacer and nailing in the trim piece.  This project went quickly and because the trim was so light it's an easy job for one person to do.

We have an alcove in the kitchen dining area and using scrap pieces of wood (and 3 guesses) I figured out the angle in the alcove was 20 degrees.  Perfect fit.

Then I caulked along the entire top of the trim piece and filled in the nail holes and sanded.  Applied 2 coats of pure white paint.  

 Love it! I will be doing the entire first floor with this faux treatment.

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  1. Love it! I'm just now starting to do this on my house.... already beefed up the crown molding and it looks amazing!