16 November 2012

Felt Xmas Ornaments

I think I could decorate an entire tree with just my wool felt ornaments I have been making the past few years.  I love finding great patterns for felt ornaments.

Here are some of my favorites from a great pattern set from the talented Alicia from  Posie Gets Cozy

I love making these for my tree or giving out as gifts.  Always nice to give a little homemade gift to someone!
She sells these patterns in her shop.  5 different themes to pick from, and you get 3 different ornaments per set.
To get the fine details onto the felt, I always use tissue paper.  I trace the design onto tissue paper, secure to my felt and just stitch thru the tissue paper.  Once I'm done stitching, I carefully rip away the tissue.
I love this polar bear.  He even has a spark-ely bum!  She gives instructions on how to crochet a little scarf for him, but above my skill level.  So my bear just gets a wool felt scarf!
Just love this coat!  The coat even has details on the back.

The marshmallow even has it's own stuffing.

I need to make the ice skate next.  Click on over and check out all her super detailed patterns.

Each pattern set is $7. and can be found here.

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