21 May 2012

Cement Globes & Stepping Stones

Fairly easy project to jazz up the front entry way of our house.

Supplies I used:  concrete, plastic 8" & 10" plant drip trays, glass stones, glass light fixture ball,  cooking spray and cooking oil.

For the plastic trays I dipped a paper towel into some cooking oil and rubbed it all over the inside of the tray.  Then mixed up small batches of concrete.  I made it very moist.  If it's too stiff the glass stones will not set into the concrete.  You want to be able to push down a little on each stone as you set them into the cement, so once cured they won't just randomly pop off while sitting in your yard due to the Seasons.

Of course if you want to do hand prints you want a stiffer cement in order to hold that shape of the hand print!

For the glass globes, I used Pam cooking spray and coated the inside of the globe.  I used the same consistency as with the plastic trays and put in small batches at a time and made sure to really agitate the globe to make sure it leveled out inside the globe.  I continued to add more cement to the top of the globe making sure to keep shaking  the globe side to side to settle the cement.

Everything filled up and waiting to dry.

K had alot of fun thinking up designs for her stepping stones.

The stepping stones set up alot faster than the globes.  They just slip right out of the plastic trays.

The glass globes take longer to set up.  Once they were fully cured I placed them inside a trash bag, put on protective gloves and glasses and used a hammer on the outside of the bag to break the glass surrounding the cement globe.  I love how one turned out so smooth and the other one has alot of pot marks and such.

I bought a 60 lbs bag of cement for under $3.00,  stones were a $1.00 a bag at the Dollar Tree, plastic trays at dollar tree for $2.00 (qty 7 included) and the most expensive thing was the glass globe at home depot for around $4.25.  You could easily make ALOT of stepping stones for very cheap and really make your yard or garden area look pretty.

I have linked up with Skip to my Lou for made by you mondays.

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